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  • Shirtlifter #2 by: Steve MacIsaac $4.99$9.95

    Winner of Prism Comics first annual Queer Press Grant, Shirtlifter is a series of queer-themed short fiction comics from STICKY artist Steve MacIsaac.

    This second issue contains ten short autobiographically-themed pieces about gay marriage, passing for straight, safe-sex negotiation, on-line dating, the legality of bi-national relationships, and other topics relevant to contemporary queer life.

    The expanded digital edition features full-page introductions to each story and 16 bonus pages with alternate versions of some of the finished stories.

  • Shirtlifter #3 by: Steve MacIsaac, Justin Hall, Fuzzbelly, $4.99$10.95

    Recipient of Prism Comics first annual Queer Press Grant, SHIRTLIFTER is a series of queer-themed short fiction comics from STICKY artist Steve MacIsaac.

    The third issue of this award-winning series collects the first three chapters of MacIsaac’s online serial “Unpacking”, about the development of a relationship between a committment-phobic graphic designer and a corporate executive who isn’t quite everything he seems. This third volume also features contributions from Justin Hall (Hard to Swallow) and a new cartoonist named Fuzzbelly. Hall’s contribution is an excerpt from his upcoming graphic novel The Liar, while Fuzzbelly’s is an autobiographical rumination on eroticism.

    The expanded digital edition features newly enhanced scenes and bonus artwork.

  • Shirtlifter #5 by: Steve MacIsaac, Jon Macy, Eric Kostiuk Williams, $4.99$14.95

    This issue, the first in four years, concludes Steve MacIsaac’s “Unpacking” graphic novel. Starting in Shirtlifter #3, “Unpacking” follows Matt, a gay graphic designer living in Vancouver. Newly-single after the sudden dissolution of an eight-year relationship, Matt is living in a new apartment he can’t seem to quite move into, and is wary of becoming involved with anyone ever again. His commitment to remaining single is challenged when he begins spending time with Connor, an Australian-ex pat who identifies as straight, is married to a woman, and seems to be the only person capable of cutting through Matt’s defenses.

    Also features new stories from Jon Macy and Eric Kostiuk Williams.

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    The Mark of Aeacus #2 by: Charles “Zan” Christensen, Mark Brill, Terry Blas, $2.99$4.99

    Jack’s adventure as the Bearer of The Mark of Aeacus continues. A mysterious stranger appears at the foot of Jack’s bed, tells him the secrets of the mark of power that he bears, then tells him he must die. Can Jack’s mysterious new powers save him… or would we all be better off if they didn’t?

    The digital edition of this book adds 25 bonus pages, including Mark Brill’s original pencil artwork and a bonus pinup by Briar Hollow artist Terry Blas!

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    The Mark of Aeacus #1 by: Charles “Zan” Christensen, Mark Brill, $2.99$4.99

    Jack, a shy, tortured young man, hooks up with a mysterious stranger at a bar and loses himself in an intense and exhilarating night with him in his hotel room, during which he sees visions of bloodshed and ancient gods. In the morning, he discovers he’s been branded with a mysterious tattoo—the one his mysterious stranger had—and is now imbued with dark and brutal powers. But will those powers be enough to save him from a vicious gang attack?

    28 pages, color.

    The digital edition of this book includes 45 pages of bonus features including promotional art, earlier versions of full pages, and the evolution of “The Mark”!


  • Fearful Hunter #4 by: Jon Macy $4.99

    From the author of the Lambda Literary Award winning Teleny and Camille comes the fourth and final installment in a tale about young lovers in a queer Celtic fantasy world. Werewolf Byron races to be reunited with Druid Oisin before malevolent forces control the gods themselves!

    Fearful Hunter was the recipient of the 2010 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant.

    “Like Teleny and Camille, we once again see his beautiful black-and-white art, but now he has proven his talent as an original writer, as well. It’s a rare gift that a natural storyteller has skill with both words and images, but Macy does.” — Steven Surman, Broken Frontier

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    NWP Mega Pack! by: $494.71 $329.99

    The ultimate bundle at the ultimate discount!

    You get every in-print Northwest Press book published to date, plus all the digital editions in 3 formats, with no digital-rights-management (so you can put them on as many devices as you want).

    Included is everything in the video, plus our latest releases: A Waste of Time #3, Dash #4, Mama Tits Saves the World, and Hard to Swallow!)

    30 books and comics in all—take a look at the full list here—a $500 retail value!