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  • Fearful Hunter by: Jon Macy, Justin Hall, Dave Davenport, William O. Tyler, Steve MacIsaac, Dylan “NDR” Edwards, Sina Sparrow, René Capone, Agnes Czaja, Sean Z. Maker, $12.99$24.99

    Oisin, a shy young druid, lives in a ferocious world of sacred sexuality and erotic elder gods. When he falls for Byron, a simple wolf who only mates for life, their love threatens the plans of those who desire a forbidden power. Do the star-crossed lovers stand a chance when lascivious Druid masters and savage elder gods threaten their fragile new relationship?

    Punk music, pickup trucks, and psychedelic earth magic add an urban spin to this captivating queer Celtic fantasy world.

    Written and drawn by Jon Macy, with bonus stories and art by Justin Hall, Dave Davenport, William O. Tyler, Steve MacIsaac, Dylan Edwards, Sina Sparrow, René Capone, Agnes Czaja, and Sean Z. Maker.

  • Unpacking by: Steve MacIsaac $14.99$39.99

    “Unpacking” is a deep-dive into the mind of a recently-separated guy who’s struggling to forgive, having trouble letting anyone else into his life, and unable to risk getting hurt again in order to find someone. When is it a good idea to follow your heart? How do you end it and not hate each other afterwards?

  • The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors by: Elizabeth Beier $14.99$24.99

    Elizabeth Beier chronicles true-life romantic tales as she breaks up with a long-term boyfriend and navigates a brave new world: dating women. Beier tackles the complexities of sexuality and self image with a conversational and immediate art style and stories anyone who’s ever struggled with dating can relate to.

  • Teleny and Camille by: Jon Macy $9.99$29.99

    Jon Macy, longtime contributor to gay comics publications such as Gay Comics and Boy Trouble, has adapted a moving and erotic gay love story from the classic Teleny: Or the Reverse of the Medal. attributed to Oscar Wilde and his circle of writers and poets.

    Camille, a wealthy young gentleman in Victorian London, falls in love with the handsome and mesmerizing pianist Teleny. While Teleny performs on stage, the two star-crossed lovers discover they share a psychic link in the form of an erotic vision. While Camille struggles to resist his homosexuality Teleny is being pursued by others. After telepathically witnessing the erotic encounters Teleny has with both sexes, Camille attempts suicide. Teleny rescues Camille physically and emotionally with his rapturous love forsaking all others. In this newfound happiness Camille tries to forget that Teleny owes much of his success to the generosity of the women who desire him.

    Fans of gay comics and gay love stories will devour this sensual tome.

    Winner of the 2010 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Erotica!


    Read the entire first chapter right now! (This preview has had a few images obscured in order to make it more acceptable for general audiences; the full graphic novel is sexually explicit and is intended for adult readers only.)


    Interview with Outlook Columbus — “The bottom line? This book is fun. It’s unique, academic and sexy. Teleny and Camille is far and away the most innovative gay novel of the past few years. I caught up with other Jon Macy to talk about his creation.” — Mackenzie Worrall

    Northwest Press Interview on Comic Book Queers — Comic Book Queers’ EvilJeff takes over L.A. with the help of Zan Christensen of Northwest Press who brings his lackeys Justin Hall, creator of Glamazonia and Jon Macy, he of Teleny & Camille fame.

    Interview on The Feast of Fun podcast — “Based on Teleny, the secret round-robin novel written by Oscar Wilde and his anonymous circle of friends, the classic work of erotica is now visually re-interpreted by Macy in all its lush, sexual excess. Join us as we take a look at the origins of modern gay culture in Victorian England, the origins of one guy one jar, the complicated man that was Oscar Wilde and how to cruise for sex in ye merrie olde England.”

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    Last First Kiss by: Ashley R. Guillory $1.99 $0.00

    From Ashley Guillory comes a story of a first kiss… inspired by the music of One Direction!

  • Young Bottoms in Love by: Abby Denson, Adam Dekraker, Adam Leveille, Andy Swist, Ariel Guzman, Bill Roundy, Craig Bostick, Dave Ortega, Dave Roman, David Kelly, Decker, Fábian Álvarez López, François Peneaud, Frank Muse, Gregory Lockard, Howard Cruse, J. Brett Hopkins, Jack Lawrence, Jay Laird, Jeff Krell, Jen Van Meter, Jim Gladstone, Jr., Justin Hall, Kyle Cummings, Martin Schneebalg, Melody Nadia Shickley, Michael J. DiMotta, Monica Gallagher, Nate and Mike K., Noel Miciano, Paige Braddock, Phil Good, Rachel Millar, Randall Kirby, Richard Ruane, Rob Kirby, Roger Zanni, Stephen Sadowski, Steven Walters, Ted Manning, Theo Bain, Tim Fish, Tim Piotrowski, William O. Tyler, $9.99

    Young Bottoms in Love compiles a sampling of the acclaimed webcomic anthology and includes more than 40 creators, from award-winning comics professionals to top amateur talent.

    Proceeds from the sale of this digital book benefit Prism Comics, a nonprofit organization supporting LGBT comics, creators and readers.

    “Amazing! I love Young Bottoms in Love.” — Alison Bechdel (Fun Home, Are You My Mother)

  • Cavalcade of Boys: Volume 1 by: Tim Fish $6.99

    Cavalcade of Boys welcomes the reader on a journey into the lives and loves of several young gay men drawn from the imagination of artist and author Tim Fish. Each vignette touchingly romps through modern love in this follow up to Fish’s coming of age graphic novel, Strugglers.

  • The Collected Black Gay Boy Fantasy #1 by: Victor Hodge $2.99

    Victor Hodge’s legendary zine, Black Gay Boy Fantasy, gets the deluxe treatment in this first new 40-page collection containing the first three zines plus bonus illustrations in color and black-and-white, plus a variant back cover.

  • Cavalcade of Boys: Volume 2 by: Tim Fish $6.99

    Cavalcade of Boys chronicles the romantic adventures of a group of gay men. Volume 2 follows Tommy’s life of debauchery, as well as the brewing sexual triangle of college-boy roommates Eric, Micah and Sam. And whatever did happen between Tighe and Murphy? Find out as the cast continues to make a mess of things in and out of the bedroom!

  • Strugglers by: Tim Fish $6.99

    Tighe, the confused boy, struggles to find himself. Tracey, the girl with too much ambition, struggles to make it big. Alison, the girl with no ambition, struggles to ignore her meddling friends. And Mike struggles to find someone to love.

    Sharing a hip Saint Louis apartment, these friends face only the problems we all deal with… finding jobs, boyfriends, bars, and bands. Their struggles end only as they begin to grow up.

    Originally presented as “Meet Me in Saint Louie” on the Modern Tales Longplay site in June 2003, this edition adds more than 20 pages of new story and art, and many extras.