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    Dave Ebersole, Delia Gable,

ISBN: 9781938720741

Dash #2

by: Dave Ebersole, Delia Gable,
3.50 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
9 customer reviews

After the shocking events of the last issue, Dash is now on the hunt for the mysterious Zita Makara. But will a violent interrogation by his former colleague turned rival, Detective Bruno Fernez, prevent him from stopping another murder?


Meet the Author
Work by Dave Ebersole
Meet the Author
Work by Delia Gable

After the shocking events of the last issue, Dash is now on the hunt for the mysterious Zita Makara. But will a violent interrogation by his former colleague turned rival, Detective Bruno Fernez, prevent him from stopping another murder?


ISBN: 9781938720741
Publisher: Northwest Press
Publish Date: 2015
Page Count: 24

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6.625 × .125 in

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  1. The Newest Rant

    “I clearly quite liked the story this issue, but how about the art? I think it was stellar. It continued to capture the mood of the 1940’s in its coloring and attention to the details of the era, and it also wonderfully conveyed action. Sometimes in comics it can be tricky to illustrate a fight scene well, but within this issue when Dash and the jerk-detective get to brawling, it only takes about a page-and-a-half of wordless imagery to convey the flowing movement of how Dash is clearly someone not to be trifled with.” Read David Charles Bitterbaum’s review on The Newest Rant.

  2. Comic Book Resources

    “There’s something refreshing about Dash, Dave Ebersole and Delia Gable’s private-eye-meets-supernatural story set in 1940 Los Angeles. With its mixture of mystery, drama and emotional turmoil, there’s a little something for everyone here. And while most stories of this nature would probably debut as a completed graphic novel, I like the fact that it’s a series that understands how to use the issue-by-issue pacing.” Read Greg McElhatton’s review on Comic Book Resources.

  3. cxPulp

    “This continues to be an excellent genre mash of noir and supernatural mystery, and right in my own personal sweet spot. It’s like someone’s writing a comic just for me. (To which I say it’s about damn time.)” Read Andrea Speed’s whole review on cxPulp.

  4. Bag & Bored

    “…[Dash] is the story about a gay Private Detective, a mysterious Egyptian woman, a dead antique dealer, and mummies (the walking around kind), but at its heart, it’s a detective story. The rest serves the story to make it more interesting and complex, but if you’re a fan of noir, than Dave Ebersole and Deila Gable have your ticket filled.” Read Brad Gischia’s whole review on Bag & Bored.

  5. ComicBooked.com

    “Writer Dave Ebersole and artist Delia Gable present a new classic in the making with a murder mystery that may or may not have a touch of supernatural… with a twist! Great artwork and honest storytelling create a world that is not unfamiliar to our time period, but perhaps a bit risqué for the one in which it takes place. The main character, Dash, is charming, suave, intelligent, and gay. But this is by no means a ‘gay’ comic. After all, as the publisher openly states on the covers and logos of all of their products: ‘Comics are for Everyone’. This has never been more true. I can’t wait to see how this mystery wraps up, what happens to Dash next, and if everything works out in the end. And after just two short issues, I’m sure you will be wondering the same things.” Read Jeff Hill’s review on ComicBooked.com.

  6. Comics Worth Reading

    “The voices of the characters are crisp and distinctive, while the art is full of emotion and attitude under a period veneer…” Read Joanna Draper Carlson’s review on Comics Worth Reading.

  7. Foxy Jazzabelle

    “A good mystery is when slowly but surely, you see how occurrences that, at first glance, don’t seem to have any connection to each other connect together in a cohesive way, and that’s what we get with Dash.” Read Foxy Jazzabelle’s full review.

  8. Multiversity Comics

    “Taking a page from the hardboiled detective genre, “Dash” includes an out detective, Egyptian lore, lovers’ quarrels, mysterious artifacts, and a spree of homicides. Dave Ebersole and Delia Grace work together to bring out a fun and thrilling romp through an old-school Los Angeles.” Read Matthew Garcia’s review on Multiversity Comics.

  9. Kleefeld on Comics

    Dash is a solid story in and of itself. But what I find most intriguing is how the individuals of 1940 act and interact, knowing Dash’s sexual orientation. Who accepts him, who tolerates him, and who actively hates him. The story doesn’t at all revolve around Dash’s homosexuality, and all of the characters seem well-rounded outside of whatever relationship they have with Dash, but that identity Dash brings to the table and how others feel about that make for an interesting undercurrent that runs through the book.” Read Sean Kleefeld’s review on Kleefeld on Comics.