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  • Diary of a Catering Whore: Year One by: Sean Seamus McWhinny $0.00

    The true stories (or ones inspired by true stories) in Diary of a Catering Whore appeared weekly online and chronicled the author’s time as a catering waiter in San Francisco. While he retired the tux years ago, he offers you the chance to relive those times here.

    This special digital edition of Diary of a Catering Whore: Year One features all of year one plus some special bonus stories.

  • Wibbly-Wobbly Sexy-Wexy vinyl sticker by: $3.00

    Proudly proclaim your freedom from binary sexuality and your love of geek culture all at once, with this snappy 6″x3″ vinyl sticker suitable for the bumper of your car, your laptop, or your dorm room door.

    (And for those who don’t get the reference, allow the good Doctor to explain…)

  • Dash #3 by: Dave Ebersole, Delia Gable, $2.99$3.99

    Zita Makara is out for blood and Dash is in her sights! Can he stop her before another life is lost? Is she really the monster she appears to be…or is someone else pulling the strings?

  • Mama Tits Saves the World by: Charles “Zan” Christensen, Terry Blas, Marissa Louise, Sonya Saturday, Diego Gómez, Justin Hall, $2.99$5.00

    Can one Pacific Northwest drag queen prevail in the fight against hate? With your help… she can! Writer Charles “Zan” Christensen and artist Terry Blas—along with guest artists Diego Gómez, Sonya Saturday, and Justin Hall.—take Seattle’s most famous activist queen to a new level in the new comic book Mama Tits Saves the World!

    Watch the video trailer for the book below:

  • The Legend of Bold Riley: The Below #1 by: Leia Weathington, Blue Delliquanti, Der-shing Helmer, E.K. Weaver, $2.99

    A roadside storyteller and an embarrassing cultural misunderstanding find Bold Riley and her traveling companion Swift Kuba in these two short stories.

  • Dash #4 by: Dave Ebersole, Delia Gable, $2.99$3.99

    In a dank Los Angles jail cell Zita Makara reaches back through the ages to give Dash the truth he’s been seeking. But will he be able to accept it before an ancient evil monster finds them? A major turning point in this thrilling series that you cannot miss!

  • Sale!
    Last First Kiss by: Ashley R. Guillory $1.99 $0.00

    From Ashley Guillory comes a story of a first kiss… inspired by the music of One Direction!

  • A Waste of Time by: Rick Worley $7.99$19.99

    The first full-length collection of irreverent and sweet comic strips from Rick Worley. Featuring a foreword by StevieD and EvilJeff from the Comic Book Queers podcast.

    Foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed and misanthropic, Rick is no ordinary cute cartoon rabbit. The strips in this hysterically funny, surprisingly sweet collection range from fantasy tales about a closeted fundamentalist teddy bear, an oversexed fox, and a doomed robot love affair to autobiographical comics that share maybe a little too much information about the author. In their quest for contentment, the characters fail, fail, and sometimes fail again, but they never stop looking. There’s always the chance they’ll find that one person who was worth the search.

    Or maybe not.


    “There’s a brutal frankness and honesty coming from these foxes and teddy bears that you rarely see anywhere else. Comics are the one of the last havens to be truly offensive and beautifully unapologetic.” — from the foreword by StevieD and EvilJeff from the Comic Book Queers podcast.

    “Beautifully drawn, hilarious, wistful, profane and very human. Rick Worley’s A Waste of Time knocked me out.” — Robert Kirby, creator of Curbside, Boy Trouble and THREE.

    “Rick Worley’s insightful A Waste of Time comic strips are simultaneously tender and perverse—like his bunny.” — Howard Cruse, author of Stuck Rubber Baby and Wendel.

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    The History of Jayson… So Far by: Jeff Krell $2.99 $0.00

    Cartoonist Jeff Krell, creator of the classic gay cartoon series “Jayson”, opens up the vault and shares rare comics, photos and other treasures as he tells the story of how “Jayson” came to be.

    The comic strip, which takes a lighthearted look at gay life in the big city, debuted in 1983 in the Philadelphia Gay News, then achieved national acclaim in Gay Comix, Meatmen, and in syndication.

    Join Krell as he takes you through “Jayson’s” early years, sees him to the highest heights and into the depths, then celebrates his triumphant return for new adventures.

  • Jane’s World: Preview Issue by: Paige Braddock $0.00

    See, Jane had this great job at the newspaper. Well… it was a great job, but then you know how it goes with every job; it starts to be not so great. Or maybe it was never great, but Jane was just too green to know the difference.

    Sorry, I’m getting a little ahead, here. What you really want to know, is how Jane met Chelle…

    Meet Jane and the whole cast of characters in Jane’s World in this special preview edition of Paige Braddock’s beloved series.