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    Bishakh Som, John Curtis Jennison, Jr., J. Tana Ford, Diego Gómez, Sina Grace,


Pride Postcards

by: Bishakh Som, John Curtis Jennison, Jr., J. Tana Ford, Diego Gómez, Sina Grace,


Meet the Author
Work by Bishakh Som
Meet the Author
Work by John Curtis Jennison, Jr.
Meet the Author
Just another Liberal, queer creator of comics. Current artist on Marvel's SILK. Occasional podcaster. Ravenclaw. Lover of poetry, art & Star Trek. Winner of the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant, 2010. Finalist in the first ever Graphic Novel category of the Lambda Literary Award, 2014,
Work by J. Tana Ford
Meet the Author
Diego Gómez is a freelance art director, illustrator, coutourier, performer, idea-man and more. A San Francisco native, his art & antics have been featured in Antebellum Gallery, Cocktailgate, East Bay Express, The International Latino Film Festival, MUNI, SF Weekly, Street Worthy, YO! Youth Outlook, and World of Wonder. Diego started his foray into comic books lettering The Adventures of Wonder Mark & Johnny Freedom, Pride High, and Planet Gay XXXPress. His comics art debut was Glamazonia, in 2010 from Northwest Press. His work has also appeared in Mama Tits Saves the World.
Work by Diego Gómez
Meet the Author
Work by Sina Grace
About This Book

We created this set of six postcards as a way to celebrate Pride in 2020, while we’ve all been practicing social distancing, working from home, and taking extra care to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Pride Postcards are a way that each of us can send colorful images of Pride to people we care about, all over the country and stay in touch.


Publisher: Northwest Press

“Pride Postcards”

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